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With the EP "The Wrong Kind Of People" hooyoosay deliver four upbeat and essentially poppy tracks, influences however ranging from rock to country.
The overall vibe is feelgood and fun, the word "wrong" merely being ironic, for the message simply is that nothing is wrong, on the contrary all is absolutely fine.
The title track is the main song, cheerful and happy, abundant with male and female lead vocals and harmonies. It is followed by "Illusionist at work", a relaxed instrumental, and then further by what could be called a couple of bonus tracks, the one taking a different approach to the title track in the form of rock-comedy, the other being a second instrumental.

Alex Faulkner reviewed and concluded:
"Overall, this is an excellent E.P. that is joyously free of all commercial considerations and rammed full of musical imagination. If you are bored with the predictable pop of the mainstream, hooyoosay are here to save the day and show you that music is so much more interesting when you veer off the beaten track. Long may they continue."



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The wrong kind of people
The wrong kind of people
  • The wrong kind of people
  • Illusionist at work
  • The wrong kind of hello
  • The right kind of friend


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