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New versions of early Rolling Stones recordings.
With their album "In dekay", hooyoosay have undertaken the adventurous task of presenting 22 new versions of songs that were also recorded by The Rolling Stones during the mid-sixties.

As The Rolling Stones actually were a coverband themselves in the early days, and then soon developed to be their own songwriters, a wide variety of composers and musical styles is on offer, ranging from Chicago blues, rhythm and blues, Chuck Berry rock 'n' roll, guitar pop, top 40 pop and classic rock to acoustic folk pop.

The idea of doing an album that brings a collection of fresh renditions of older songs, is certainly not new at all. Similar projects have been done by B.B. King, Jimmy Rogers, Jerry Lee Lewis, Susan Boyle and Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings to name but a few.
One difference might be that hooyoosay is a studio project only, so no gigs nor tour dates are to be expected.

But what sets hooyoosay a little further apart, is the fact that hardly any credits are mentioned for the loose contributors for guitar, piano, organ, harmonica, vocals, bass, drums and percussion, which in a way explains the project's chosen bandname.
Of course the authors and composers are credited for their magnificent songwriting, and so is hooyoosay as a performing collective, but no further details for bandmembers nor technical staff can be found.
As for hooyoosay, who, when and where are of minor importance.


Pub Rock


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In dekay
In dekay
  • Time is on my side
  • Congratulations
  • All sold out
  • Hitch hike
  • I can't be satisfied
  • Mercy mercy
  • Connection
  • Down home girl
  • If you need me
  • Grown up wrong (Unplugged)
  • The last time
  • I want to be loved
  • Talkin' 'bout you
  • Bye bye Johnny
  • Little by little
  • Who's been sleeping here
  • Grown up wrong (Electric version)
  • Heart of stone
  • Sittin' on a fence
  • Not fade away
  • Play with fire
  • I'm movin' on


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